Personal Interview -
Each contestant will be interviewed individually by the judging panel.  The purpose of the Personal Interview in the USofA system is to allow the judges some insight into the character of each contestant.  During the interview, the judges are also afforded the opportunity to evaluate each contestant's basic qualities, such as intelligence, ability to communicate, attitude, composure, etc.  The judges may also gather information about a contestant's professional or personal life.  The basic nature of the interview is intended to be casual and relaxed.  You should dress as you would for a professional job interview. However, this is not a fashion category.

Club Wear -
In Club Wear, contestants should dress as they would for an exciting night out on the town.  You should wear clothing that you would expect to see in a large club in one of the major cities in the USofA.  Your Club Wear choice should match your personality, looks and lifestyle.  Club Wear should NOT be a costume for stage, but rather what you would wear into the club.  Club Wear should be fun and sexy.  Club Wear is in between formal clothing and ultra casual looks.  A casual chic look that is both laid back and yet dressed up, is appropriate for this category.  Contemporary looks are perfect, but a classic cool look (like a crisp white shirt and boot cut dark denim) fit in just as nicely.  Wearing layers can also be used.

Club Wear includes a variety of items, including:
    Unique and classic dress shirts,
    Sexy and trendy tops,
    Fitted T-Shirts,
    Bright Colors,
Embellished fabrics with stones or beads,
    Metallics or metallic accents,
    Out of the ordinary fabrics such as leather,
Funky prints and patterns,
    Casual and skinny ties,
    Classic, skinny and trendy jeans,
    Vests, blazers or casual jackets.

Some suggestions:
    Do wear something that makes you feel confident.
    Do choose bright or bold colors that enhance your skin and hair colors.
    Do make sure your shoes match the level of formality of your outfit.
    Don't dress too sexy.
    Don't try out all the trends in one night.
    Don't wear sweats.
    Don't wear rude or offensive t-shirts.

Remember, this is "pageantry" although outfits that are costumes will not score well.

Talent -
Talent may be any type of entertainment presentation as long as it does not create any danger or injury to either the contestant or anyone else. No animals or reptiles may be used in your talent presentation. You may not use glitter, fire of any kind, water or liquids including paint may be used in any talent presentation, No live animals or reptiles may be used in a talent presentation Talent presentations that contain racial slurs or excessively vulgar, obscene or insulting language should be avoided. The judges will consider the contents of talent presentations when scoring them. Talent presentation is limited to seven (7) minutes in length. Prop setup and tear down time is limited to 5 minutes total. There are no restriction on the number of people who may be involved in the presentation. Contestants are advised to make a backup copy of their talent music and bring it to the pageant as a safety precaution.

Remember that the Mr. Gay USofA at Large Contest does not provide contestants with backstage staff for prop set-up and tear down, although we will assist with your props as much as possible.  The backstage staff will not, under any circumstance, be responsible for any damage to props while helping a contestant.  Each contestant must secure his own storage of props at all times.